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  • LefunesteLefuneste Posts: 4,031
    edited May 2018
    Super sad night for us. A fire broke out in my boys' pennsylvania house while everyone was at A____'s orchestra concert. The beloved family pooch, Cocoa Scruffingtons III, did not survive. Many hearts are broken.
    Sucks! Flag at half-mast for poor Mister Scrufingtons III.
  • LefunesteLefuneste Posts: 4,031
    edited May 2018
    We went to see this mortherfucker play yesterday. I didn't know what to expect, the bill said Juian Lage and Margaret Glaspy, so I didn't know if it was one act or two. I was hopping for a double bill, Lage followed by Glaspy or vice versa. Turns out J. Lage was accompanying Margaret Glaspy, which was kind of disappointing. But Lage did a solo guitar number and gawd, he's so fucking good! And all was forgiven. Glaspy is cool too, but a bit too adult contemporary for my liking. Wifey loved her though.
  • moetownmoetown Posts: 1,401
    So sad to hear about the fire and Cocoa. It’s horrible to think about and I’m having trouble not thinking about it.
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,924
    Yes. I keep getting teary when I remember the detail that after attempting to give him cpr for a long time, E____ just held him and sang all of the silly songs that they'd written about him over the years.
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,939
    Aw, man. My heart goes out to your kids.
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