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We might need to just flush this page and start over.



  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,995
    I generally hike some section of or adjacent area to the Des Plaines River Trail every day.

    Today, though, the trail is gone, along with the nearby woods. Flooded.

  • matthewmatthew Posts: 223
    Nice shot though!
  • matthewmatthew Posts: 223
    They just announced that Hans Joachim Roedelius is playing a show 4 blocks away from my apartment the night I leave for NYC. I've skipped a lot of shows in recent months, but I wouldn't have missed that. Unreal my lack of luck with timing and conflicting schedules. Always.
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,995
    I saw It Comes at Night... it played theatrically and did pretty well, but audiences hated it, because the trailers made it look like a straight horror film when really it was a small scale postapocalyptic drama about two families. I was hoping for something special, but in the end, it was like a good dramatic screenwriter watched The Walking Dead and got it into their head they could do a better job with the theme of paranoia and distrust in the apocalypse. It was well done, but it didn't really feel necessary.
  • moetownmoetown Posts: 1,448
    I just finished reading a really good one - The Door by Magda Szabo. Apparently she was quite prolific and widely translated into all kinds of languages, but only 3 or 4 into English. I'll definitely be hunting down all that are available.
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,992
    Took yesterday off to bring car into shop. Was done by 1:00 so I actually managed to get a few extra things around the house done AND watch some boobtoob.

    Nice being forced to take a day off every now and again.
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,992
    I'm with you, Tripp. Bladerunner was excellent. Beautiful, good script, great characters. The longening of movies lately mostly annoys me. Mostly because it feels like too often its just "but THEN.. UH OH there twist and then an even BIGGER BATTLE SEQUENCE!" for no real purpose.

    I was totally fine with it here. The pacing is great, and the story ends at the right spot. I won't even mind if the director's cut goes longer.

    Also, if you haven't seen it yet, the IMAX is worth the extra dollars.
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,992
    Sorry about no horror/no sexytime Saturday, Jeff. That is an unfair one-two punch.
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,995
    I'm going to see the Old 97's this weekend with Phineas. That should be fun, and they're out my way. Phin is going to check out the house and stay for the night after.

    Then Sunday, there's a walk in honor of my friend Rachael's kid, the one who got ran over last year.
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,995
    edited October 2017
    No update on Matilda's job status.... she has a second interview with the one place we like and a few other things have popped up too. Her current job hasn't fired her yet, as they need the warm bodies to cover the place while the GM is out at a conference. After she gets back... who knows. It's fairly disheartening for her to be there when people talk openly about how obvious it is she's going to be fired.
  • Better Things. I'm quite enamored with Pamela Adlon (despite her C.K. associations). she directed the whole season (season 2) as well!
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