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is this real life?



  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,992
    Boys are with babymama this year, so S___ and I will be cooking for each other, catching up on some movies (LadyBird and The Shape of Water) and some in-and-out.

    Next weekend will be xmas, new years, our birthdays and our anniversary all crammed into 3 days
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,995
    We're doing our own "Book Flood" on Christmas Eve, since it sounded like the Icelandic people are onto something there. We'll have some seafood for dinner then hopefully doze off after reading and eating some chocolate.

    Then for Christmas, since this is our first one in the new house and our first at home in three years, we went with tons of smaller gifts so that we'd have more fun unwrapping. My late cousin's husband is coming by that day and we'll have him and some friends over for dinner.

    For NYE, we're going to my mom's for some low key extended family time.
  • moetownmoetown Posts: 1,448
    I have no plans at this point. I know I'm supposed to hang out with JSG and Pogo! on the 23rd, but other than that, I just don't know. Probably just work on maintaining some semblance of sanity.
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,992
    I was just reading about book flood. That is a fine tradition.
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,992
    That is fun, Ev. Please give them extra squeezes from me.
  • KimKim Posts: 579
    Yes Evan give them a big hug for me too.

    Matt is in Hawaii working so this will be the first Christmas without my kids/kid. Lucas comes home on the 23rd and leaving on New Years Day. He is staying at his dad’s but I will see him, I just don’t know how much. My brothers won’t be in town so it will just be my mom and myself and Lucas whenever he’s coming over. NYE I’m staying home and reading like every weekend.

    A good friend died last week of cancer so my depression has really darkened my days. Hopefully 2018 will be better.
  • moetownmoetown Posts: 1,448
    That’s horrible, Kim. I’m hoping 2018 will be better than 2017, too. Not gonna speak for anyone else, but I think 2017 was a suck-ass bitch.
  • matthewmatthew Posts: 223
    I don't know what is more depressing. The fact that 'fake news' exists, or the fact that people are so easily manipulated.

    Hundreds of racist comments about Muslims and migrants under this upload of what is clearly footage of a film or television show or video of some sort being filmed.

    'Clearly' because you can see the film crew with a sound boom and sun reflector on the left side of the screen.
    Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 3.10.26 AM.png
    736 x 831 - 323K
  • LefunesteLefuneste Posts: 4,122
    edited December 2017
    And when you tell them that's obviously being done for a film, the people posting the racist comments don't believe you, right?

  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,992
    Shit. so sorry Kim. <3
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,995
    Heaping helpings of holiday love to Miz Kim.
  • matthewmatthew Posts: 223
    Sorry to hear that Kim. 2017 has been particularly unpleasant. :( <3
  • matthewmatthew Posts: 223
    And when you tell them that's obviously being done for a film, the people posting the racist comments don't believe you, right?
    Actually saw one person write that it didn't matter if it was real footage, because it is really happening.

    In short: even if it is fake, it's still real, because I want it to be. 2017 in a nutshell.
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