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Batman voice without the Batman



  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,652
    We've been watching some of the Oscar hopefuls that are leaking through the interwebs. We saw Coco (which was great) first. Then we saw I Tonya. That one was occasionally a bit glib but fun throughout and had interesting stuff to say on class and the 24 hour news cycle. I also enjoyed Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri very much. You might suppose that one would be a pointed/topical film about policing but it's really a darkly funny drama about people dealing with loss.

    I think we're going to watch lady Bird next, though I gather that one didn't do as well with the folks here as it did in the general zeitgeist, so we'll see.
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,588
    There's plenty to enjoy in Lady Bird as long as you come in with sensible expectations.
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,652
    Today, I noticed that the usage of "Feminazi" has dropped off considerably now that anti-feminists have decided that the Nazis weren't all that bad actually.
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,588
    Was home sick yesterday and got some quality Netflix time in.

    Loved the first two eps of the new Black Mirror season.

    The Star Trek one was conceptually fantastic and they clearly spent some money on it to make it look good.

    The Arkangel (which I didn't realize until the end was directed by Jodie Foster) covered familiar ground, but I liked that things went horribly wrong despite the lack of malice. Everyone was trying to do the right thing, but high end technology and human frailty are just a bad mix.
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,588
    Also saw standup specials by

    Russell Howard
    Tom Segura
    John Mulaney

    The cold medicine might've made me an easy audience, but I liked all three specials. Not too bad considering I chose them randomly.
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,652
    Metallica - Enter Sandman drum cover but the drums are played with dildos

  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,588
    So...... what's everybody up to this weekend?

    I plan on mostly recovering from this stupid cold.
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,652
    edited January 19
    Tomorrow is the Pinewood Derby for Cub Scouts. So we'll be spending tonight frantically making a car to race since we put it off until the last minute.
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,588
    Ah fun. I remember those days. One year I based my design on "The Blue Flame", that rocket car from the 70s. I was pretty stoked about it.
  • LefunesteLefuneste Posts: 3,570
    Metallica - Enter Sandman drum cover but the drums are played with dildos
    That's the way it should be.
  • LefunesteLefuneste Posts: 3,570
    About the shutdown of your government...

  • LefunesteLefuneste Posts: 3,570
    edited January 20
    Of course, it goes without saying, it's all the fault of the democrats. I mean, we all know that, as a matter of principle, only the repugs can shut down government as a negotiating tactic. The Democrats’ job is to keep that government open and to cave in to GOPs demands. How dare the democrats now do what the repugs did repeatedly in the past?
  • moetownmoetown Posts: 1,346
    It's needless melodrama. I say that from now on every time there is a gov't shutdown, both parties must draw lots to see who amongst them must commit sepukku on CSPAN.
  • matthewmatthew Posts: 222
    I was 17 the first time I heard of the horrors of Sub Pop from a musician. I interviewed Ron Nine from Love Battery for my college paper (in Nov 1995) and he unloaded a lot of resentment for them and even displayed some skepticism for their new label (which was Atlas/Polydor/A&M). He complained that, in the wake of Nevermind, Sub Pop pretty much abandoned anything that wasn't marketable as grunge. Whether this is true of LB is debatable, but he was adamant that they were marginalized in the wake of grunge.

    When it came to put the final touches on their third album Sub Pop basically pulled out the rug from under them. The album was not going to be promoted or given money to properly mix, so the tracks were just slapped together one on top of the other and the record was dumped on store shelves. The result is strange listening.

    Not exactly sure what makes it weird, but it is weird. The lead guitar is often buried and the bass drum is right up front a lot of the time. Something about it is unsettling. Certainly got under the skin during a particularly heavy acid trip.

    I remember that he wanted to work with Dave Fridmann for their next album, but that never happened. After the A&M thing fell through they released a fifth album on CZ/Teriyaki Asthma. I don't think they release music anymore, but I think they still play together from time to time.

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