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  • LefunesteLefuneste Posts: 3,569
    edited January 31
    I'm sure he looked very, uh... Presidential.
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,648
    Ack, my post on books got abandoned on the previous page. Eh well. Short version: read White Tears. It's basically a lit thriller for nerds who obsess over music and records.
  • LefunesteLefuneste Posts: 3,569
    edited February 1
    White Tears looks interesting. I may get that eventually. Another book for the never ending list of things to read.
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,648
    Now I'm reading American War by Omar el Akkad.
    Sarat Chestnut, born in Louisiana, is only six when the Second American Civil War breaks out in 2074. But even she knows that oil is outlawed, that Louisiana is half underwater, and that unmanned drones fill the sky. When her father is killed and her family is forced into Camp Patience for displaced persons, she begins to grow up shaped by her particular time and place. But not everyone at Camp Patience is who they claim to be. Eventually Sarat is befriended by a mysterious functionary, under whose influence she is turned into a deadly instrument of war. The decisions that she makes will have tremendous consequences not just for Sarat but for her family and her country, rippling through generations of strangers and kin alike.
  • moetownmoetown Posts: 1,346
    I tried to read a few other things while waiting for the library to receive the 2nd in that Feuchtwanger Josephus trilogy, but couldn't focus. Fortunately, the 2nd book finally arrived.

    The divorce has started to get a bit contentious. All it took to snap me out of my sad depression was ex-bitch trying to get 50% of the house. Now I'm just angry and defiant.
  • moetownmoetown Posts: 1,346
    edited February 2
    Adam Schiff's eyes always make him look like he's either tripping or just snorted up an entire 8 ball.
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,584
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,584
    Sorry for the divorce friction. No matter how hard you're trying to make things go smooth, there are going to be at least a few WTF interactions where your previous partner feels like an arch adversary. Shit is painful.
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,584

    I was sitting on ticketmaster right when they went on sale and it was showing sold out within 10 seconds. But my coworkers suggested I keep refreshing. Then they joined in and were all refreshing and after about 20 minutes we got a hit right near the stage.

    This pleases me so.
  • matthewmatthew Posts: 222
    940 x 960 - 70K
  • LefunesteLefuneste Posts: 3,569
    Maybe Lucy thought the Pixies were a band from the sixties. Or maybe Gran and Pops really loved them. Who knows! It's an enigma wrapped around a mystery, surrounded by question marks.
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,584
    The only thing that we can be sure of is that we are not old.
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,584
    What's the weekend planz?
  • captqitncaptqitn Posts: 1,584
    Going up to Philly to see A_____ perform in the orchestra pit for Sweeny Todd. I've only seen the Tim Burton version before, but I like the music just fine.
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,648
    Oooh, that sounds fun. I'm just reading, watching movies, and going to the gym. Nothing much.
  • Yay, on the Elton John tix. That is some good luck right there.
  • Evan, sorry to hear S___ is being a cow. I remembered we talked a bit 'bout her potentially wanting part of the house. Ugh. That blows. Let's do another hang soon so you can let off more steam. Glad you're getting out with your friend too!
  • No plans here, just being lame and depressed as usual. I'm about 2 weeks into antidepressants (how is this the first time I've been medicated -- officially?) and there's no effect yet, naturally. Ryan goes away tomorrow afternoon for another week of work in Houston, so not only do I not have to watch that football game (which I wouldn't be doing anyway), I don't have to hear it blaring from the other room either! Yay! (And, boo on the Ryan leaving part.) Anyway, plan on reading, maybe catch up on stupid Walking Dead before it comes back in a few weeks. I'm way behind, because it's stupid...but I'm one of those dumdums who will just keep watching, waiting/hoping for something amazing to happen.
  • I wish I could write, like I used to. But I'm not the right kind of messed up right now, just the lethargic, apathetic mode, constantly tired and beat down.
  • Ok, anyway, hope everyone's swell. Byeeee
  • moetownmoetown Posts: 1,346
    That sucks that you're so depressed, Karen. Texas can mess up a thinking person's head pretty good. We should definitely have another meet up.

    So, hey Crappity!

    Polish death camp. Polish death camp. Polish death camp.

  • LefunesteLefuneste Posts: 3,569
    edited February 3
    POLISH DEATH CAMP! That is, death camps set up in polish territory by nazi Germany. I'm pretty sure there were Poles who were complicit in the rounding up of Jews. And I'm also sure that many didn't give a shit. Fuck you, polish government.
  • TrippTripp Posts: 317
    We never do anything on the weekend anymore. we MIGHT go to a super bowl party tonight though I couldn't give less of a fuck. More about free food and booze really. Last night we watched Please Stand By which is about a girl with autism who uses Star Trek as her filter for the world (kinda). She writes a screenplay for a contest and the story in her screenplay is actually pretty good.
    Friday night we watched Agents of SHIELD which has been pretty great this season.
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,648
    I've been listening to the indie station on Sirius XM lately and I seem to like more stuff than I have in a few years.

    The one thing that is bugging the shit of me is the new Jack White stuff, because it's always preceded or followed by the DJ going on about how Jack says he has come up with a bold new sound for 2018 that merges rock, hip hop, and electronic music.

    Near as I can tell his bold new sound is Jon Spencer Blues Explosion circa 1996 without the sense of humor.
  • moetownmoetown Posts: 1,346
    Just got back from the working with my bro-in-law the lawyer on divorce settlement stuff. I shouldn't have ever gotten married.
  • moetownmoetown Posts: 1,346
    I wonder if the entire Republican Party can be indicted for aiding in the obstruction of justice.
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,648
    Happy Monday!

    Yeah, me either.
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,648
    Have any of y'all watched either of the big new Netflix things? Altered Carbon or the new Cloverfield thing? I'm curious.
  • Jurf_WurburJurf_Wurbur Posts: 2,648
    I taught myself some Neutral Milk Hotel songs on the mandolin this weekend. I didn't realize they were so easy.
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